In the Carpathian mountains of Romania there is a lake that is dotted with broken trees. It’s called the Red Lake. The story has it that during an earthquake at the end of the 19th century, a huge landslide buried and killed an entire village and several sheepfolds located near Bicaz Gorge. The course of a river and several streams were changed, and thus the Red Lake was formed. The name has nothing to do with the color of the water, which is a deep green, but symbolizes the tragedy that led to the formation of this lake.

Project description

My main focus was the broken trees, instead of the whole landscape, because of the weird patterns and interesting shapes they create. They dot the entire surface of the lake as a living testament of the tragedy that happened more than a hundred years ago. I also explored the idea of simplicity that lies at the heart of minimalism: the celebration of the negative space, the space between things that becomes as important as the positive space.