Can images of nature improve mental health?


Beautiful art creates a pleasant environment

Beautiful art creates a pleasant environment, which in turn will influence your health and wellbeing in a positive way producing feelings of peace, relaxation, and calm.


Many research studies done in the US and abroad have shown that people who came in contact with nature, even in the form of photos, videos, VR, or wooden materials improved their mood, relaxation and happiness. This is called nature therapy.


Nature therapy

Years ago, interior designers and architects started to incorporate elements from nature into built spaces, such as wood, plants, natural light and water.


Therefore, those who spend more time indoors may experience nature in their own environments. In addition, art that shows the outdoor environment, natural scenery in particular, does not only have an aesthetic function, but a therapeutic one, as well.


According to a study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research Public Health in 2019, being in nature or surrounding oneself with images of nature improves one’s immune functions to prevent diseases, reduces blood pressure and increases the activity of the nervous system.


“We have so little time in this existence, that feeling the beauty of nature and what surrounds us is so important.” Joe Brady, Professional Photographer


Decorate with nature art

The next best thing to being in nature is to decorate your space with nature art and natural materials.


Feel good, feel healthy, feel grounded!

As a side note, in a recent article published in Euronews, doctors in Brussels, Belgium, recommend patients suffering from stress and anxiety caused by Covid-19 to visit art galleries and museums in order to reduce their symptoms. In turn, the museums offer them free visits.

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