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Color Perspectives

Nature and Outdoor Photography

This color collection of nature photography prints features images from natural preserves and national parks in the Western US and Romania: discover wonderful ocean landscapes, geological formations, suspended bridges, mud volcanoes, fall forests, and abstract deserts. Several images in this collection won international awards.

Ready to Transform Your Space?

A photograph is a symbol of a small piece of life. The power of it lies in the fact that it can say so much, within the constricted space of a frame.

Photographs give your interior space a sense of belonging, style, taste, freshness and improve the overall aesthetics. Without art, the interior would be dull and uninteresting. In addition, nature inspired artworks help to fight anxiety and depression. 

The next best thing to being in nature is to decorate your space with nature art.

Susanna Patras is an international award-winning fine art landscape and travel photographer whose images convey simplicity, elegance and a touch of mystery.

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Art for Interior Design

Monochrome and color fine art photography for interior design

Featured Series

Pacifica is an open edition fine art print collection. Pacifica won several international awards and was published in Dodho Magazine and Light, A Journal of Poetry and Photography.

Featured Image

Open Edition Giclee print 27in x 18in

Title: Sunset at Bandon Beach
Color Perspectives Collection

2nd prize in SeaScapes Art Exhibition 2021 at LightSpaceTime Gallery, Palm Springs, CA