“Art is a line around your thoughts.”

– Gustave Klimt

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The Pyramids of Time

The rocky structures that dot the US Pacific coast have been a source of inspiration for many photographers and poets over time. A rock can have a special meaning, can be a visual interpretation of shapes and textures bathed in soft light and fog. Thus, the monoliths become metaphors for subjects such as, solitude, time, natural beauty and grandeur. A world in transformation, without being immediately changed, continuously washed by rain and carved by wind and waves, the monoliths are oftentimes surrounded by a mysterious, dramatic, and otherworldly atmosphere. To convey this, the Pacifica project was imagined in white and black, as this was the most expressive way of re-creating these unique landscapes. 

In addition, working in black and white feels closer to the spirit and the act of writing: black ink on white paper.